Pic-A-Shot has two componentes, the first is the Wizard which allows you (the photographer) to create a "Distribution Package". The Wizard contains information about you, how much each print is worth, taxes, discounts, etc. When a package has been completed you simply burn the contents of the newly created folder to a CD or DVD and give it to your client. The images on the CD/DVD are encrypted and cannot be viewed or used by anything except the Pic-A-Shot Client Application. Below are screen shots of the Wizard, hopefully each screen shot is self explainatory.

The screen above allows you to enter your personal details. If you want to set up a Direct Deposit so that clients can deposit or transfer money to your account click the "Setup" button. When you're done click "Next".


To add a Print Price click the "Add Print" button and enter the details. You can include custom sizes by entering that informtion on resulting screen. To remove a Print click the "Delete Print" You can enable / disable various other charges such as "Taxes" etc. There can be three different charges and they are all a percentage of the final price of all the selected prints. Click "Next" when you're ready to move on to the next screen.

Select the folder containing the images you wish to include. All images must be in JPEG format and can be full sized. Pic-A-Shot will encrypt, resize, and create Thumbnails automatically. Click "Next" to continue.

Now give the "Job" a name, such as the family name of the client and the date of the job. Something that can be used to uniquily identify the job. As a folder with this name is created you must make sure that non of the characters used are illegal. Click "Next" when you're ready to continue - the next phase can take a while.

Pic-A-Shot will process each of the images found, it will encrypt them, resize and create Thumbnails. This process can take a long time depending on how many images there are and how big they are. Once it is finished you can click the "Next" button to continue.

You're Finished! Now, you have a few choices. "Burn Now" will load the CD/DVD Burning Component and begin making copies for you to give to your client. "New Package" means that you can go back and create a new package for another client. The original client package has been saved and you can use your own burning software to burn a copy later. "See what the Customer gets" loads the Client Application so that you can see what you are giving them.

Hope this Tutorial has helped - if not, well it isn't that hard to use so I'm sure you will figure it out.

Client Application

Below are screen captures of the Client Application which is used by your client to order prints. They either E-mail the order to you or Print it and post it to you. The can order any number of prints in any combination of sizes. If you have allowed for bulk discounts the Client Application will take that into account and calculate the final price accordingly. I have had to shrink the images to fit them on screen here, but even so, they are too big and fall outside of the border - sorry about that.

Most of the things on screen one are configured by you so the text they see is what you've written.

On screen two your client selects an image, which is then decrypted and shown to assist them in deciding if they want it printed or not. Using the drop down box on the botton left corner they decide what size they want and then click the "+1" button to purchase. They can keep pressing that button to get more than one. The drop down box on the right side shows the images that have already been ordered.

Step three is selecting their preferred payment method and it shows the total cost (including delivery if delivery was chosen).

The final screen is where they enter their details and choose to either print the order or E-mail it directly to you.