Craig's Other Software

Over the years I've written many applications, some freeware, some shareware and some commercial. Below is a list of software currently available. Feel free to download and try any or all of them.

Picture Slots
The worlds first Slot Machine simulator that allows you to create the Reels you play using your own Digital Photos. You can share your Reel online via the Picture Slots web site. Picture Slots is shareware and costs just $9.90 to buy.
Picture Slots Web Site


Rate Calculator
Have you ever wondered how much money you should charge per hour for your services? With my Rate Calculator you can enter your preferred Annual Salary and how many hours per week you want to work and an Hourly Rate is determined. It even takes into account how much Annual Leave you want to have and builds in replacement costs of camera equipment and stuff. Try it, you might like what it tells you. No setup is needed, just unzip the archive and run the program.
Download Rate Calculator


Photo Encrypt and Send
Have you ever sent sensitive photographs via E-mail? Did you know that your ISP probably keeps a backup of all messages going in and out of their server? This means that someone at your ISP could have access to the photographs. By using 'Photo Encrypt and Send' you can ensure that unauthorized people do not have access to your sensitive photos. Photographs sent can only be decrypted with the correct password. The recipient must also have installed Photo Encrypt and Send. Recipient E-mail automatically contains instructions on how to decrypt an image.
Download Photo Encrypt and Send


Not Now Document

I once wanted to give a special message to my partner via E-mail on her birthday but I was going to be interstate at the time. So I wanted to write the message before I left and ensure she didn't read it until her birthday. I wrote Not Now Document to allow me to do that. Even with the password for a Now Now Document you can't read it until the date specified. You can even have an expiry date so the document can't be read after a certain date. Automatically sends the document via E-mail if you want it to.

Download Not Now Document

Any more tools I write and release as freeware I will put onto this page. Come and visit me some time and see what's new.