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6 out of 6 Stars from nonags.comAs a semi professional I have great difficulty showing clients their Portrait Photos and getting them to choose which ones they want printed. I don't want them peering over my shoulder to make their choice while I write notes. I also don't want to give them low resolution copies to take home on a CD because they could print their own copies. Nor do I want their images online where they can be seen by other people (even when password protected). There must be a better way, and I figured it out!

So, I wrote Pic-A-Shot to address my concerns and concluded that it would be useful for all Portrait Photographers.

The process is simple, use the provided Wizard to encrypt the image and build your Sales Package which you give it to your clients on a CD or DVD.

The client uses the Sales Package to view the encrypted images and select which ones they want printed. They can select sizes and multiple copies from the comfort of their own home. Pic-A-Shot will calculate how much they need to pay you and will E-mail or Print off an order for you.

The 3 Steps

1. Build your Sales Package using the Wizard,

2. Your Client uses the Package to view and order prints,

3. You receive the order via E-mail or Print and start printing.

It's that simple!

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